My 30 day no social media challenge

Wait does that include Blogging? Well it’s been 6 days I have not been on Facebook, Instagram nor Twitter. How has it been? Well for a Facebook addict 😬😀 it’s been not as bad as I thought but then again it’s only been 6days.

Am I having withdrawals, yes! But no temptation to get on Facebook. Trying to stay strong! Smile But on a serious note. I feel my mind lighter and less boggled. I am accomplishing more on my jewelry business not having the distractions from looking at my phone every so often. I picked up on finally writing my book.

The funny thing my two children telling me I will not make the 30 day but it’s making me more determined to do it.

I play a few more games on my phone (Casino games and cube games) when tempted to get on social media, I have taken to watching (Nollywood-African Soaps on YouTube).

I am journaling my days with pictures pertaining to my No Social Media challenge through pictures and videos.( will share pictures soon)

I am determined to stay off Facebook and my 30 day is March 18, pray for me. 😀

Well definitely come back to give status on my progress and my final results.


2016 Here I come!

I think that, NO change that, I know 2016 will be GREAT! The last 2 years have been challenging years, but God saw us through. 2013 for Christmas eve I spent it in waiting room at Mary Washington Hospital while moms was in emergency surgery at midnight, my youngest was blessed to be with my bff and her family being loved that evening.

2014 Christmas we had just moved into a new place the month before blessed by my oldest being with us and although with struggles, we still had our family together.

The rest of 2015 we have seen trials but joys because we were blessed with 2 additions to our family, my grand nieces were both born in September.

2015 Christmas we have our health, roof over our head, clothes on our back and food on the table. Most important we have God in the middle and our family. I PRAY FOR ALL WHO HAS NEEDS AND THAT THEY FIND PEACE. WE NEED GOD IN THE MIDDLE DURING THESE TIMES. And Freedom of Religion to those that practice other Faiths,‪#‎RESPECT‬! Much love E.


Oxygen Mask

My day off today, took the the relax sleep in mode this morning. Sometimes you need those moments when their is so much hustle and bustle in this life. We find ourselves always running here and there and taking care of everyone but must remember to take care of ourselves sometimes.

When I was a flight attendant my announcements to passengers was that in case of emergency, YOU should put your Oxygen mask on FIRST before putting it on your child. Why? Because YOU need to be breathing and alive before you can help them because they can’t do it themselves. If you put it on them first and you pass out how will you help them out of the plane.

It’s like that in Life, YOU have to take care of yourself to be there for your family.‪#‎GODISGOOD‬

Nature & Blessings



AS I am sitting here drinking my cup of coffee, I am contemplating how truly God had blessed me and my family. We are blessed not in richness but in Richness of Blessings. We live in a good home, great neighborhood, my daughter goes to a good school. We all have our health, clothes on our back, food on the table. Truly humbled because it’s not to brag but show that we are to be grateful for what God has given us because there are some less fortunate then ourselves.

Some seek the Richness of the world and not saying it’s not ok to want the finer things in life. God says He wants Abundance for us but it is when we truly appreciate what WE have and thank Him for that. He say ‘ s how can I give you much when you have not learned to live and appreciate what You already have. I am truly grateful! Thank you Jesus!



Job woes leads to aspirations if Self employment

Just arrived home from working all day as a server at a restaurant and the more I work the more I want to get out of the rat race and be my own boss. What I realize though is that I am not doing EVERYTHING I need to do to get there. Procrastination, Fear, comfortability? What ever it is I am in my way of achieving success. I need to do more, be more and be more proactive. First part is admitting that their is a problem and realizing it’s me and no else fault. 😉


Throughout my blog and messages,  this will be my underline theme “Freeyourselftoo” my email address is this at yahoo and I came up with this phrase because I truly believe that my calling is to help others achieve Freedom Financial Freedom and Freedom of Time! 

I am an entrepreneur and business woman striving to leave a mark in this world and leave a Legacy for my children and help others achieve this.